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Education is one of the most significant competitive advantages. Talent is scarce, and to stand out as a businessa (professional), your skills need to be on- par and continually developing.

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Transforming your business will not work without the right knowledge

Education is one of the most significant competitive advantages. Talent is scarce, and to stand out as a business (professional), your skills need to be on-par and continually developing. One of our core values is ‘sharing knowledge,’ which we do by offering extensive training courses.

Our trainers are authorities in their field and specialize in transferring knowledge. We offer our (in-company) curriculum through our own IT Academy and in close collaboration with SwiftX Company.


Education is one of the most significant competitive advantages.
Talent is scarce, and to stand out as a business.

professional scrum
master course

Round 2: Offline Course

22 October


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Professional Scrum Master Course

Agile methodology dominates software development. Scrum, the most popular framework, is widely used by companies worldwide. Software Architect, developer, tester, PM, BA or PO? This course caters to all. Learn Agile methodology with the popular Scrum framework.

Foundation Business Analysis

The Foundation Business Analysis course is essential for professionals in the field. Business Analysts identify goals, analyze problems, and propose solutions aligned with the strategy. This course covers Business Analysis techniques and methodologies. You'll learn to identify problems, analyze data, and propose goal-aligned solutions for real-world settings.

Modeling Business Processes

Modelling business processes is crucial to analyze, optimize, and improve operations. Identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks is a part of this task. Recently, natural language has become popular for modeling business processes due to its simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use. During this course several important topics will be discussed, don’t miss the opportunity!

Requirements Engineering

Requirement engineering involves gathering, analyzing, documenting, and prioritizing customer requirements for software development. It forms the foundation for building high-quality software that satisfies end-users. However, the effectiveness of this process depends on the team's ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders and collaborate to obtain accurate requirements. Through this course, you will prepare yourself for a bright future!

Business Analysis Practice

It is known that business Analysis is a vital practice in the field of project management, which forms the foundation for successful business operations. It is a process of identifying business needs and finding effective solutions to meet those needs. With the growing trend of globalization, businesses must adopt best practices to stay competitive and relevant in the current market.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation Course

Aspiring project managers may know about the respected Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. It's globally recognized and challenging to obtain, with exam preparation being daunting. A PMP Exam Preparation Course can help in this regard. This course aims to provide an overview of what aspirants can expect from a PMP Exam Preparation Course and how it can help them achieve the coveted certification.

Planning and scheduling using primavera P6 - Basic level

Are you looking to improve your planning and scheduling skills using Primavera P6? if you are new to project management, this course is for you! In this basic-level course, we will cover the fundamentals of Primavera P6 and provide practical tips to help you develop a successful project plan. So, let's dive in and explore how Primavera P6 can help you plan, schedule, and manage your projects more effectively!

Planning and scheduling using primavera P6 - Advanced

Are you tired of managing complex projects with countless timelines and schedules? Then it's time to level up your planning and scheduling game with Primavera P6, an advanced-level course that can streamline your project management processes. It can help you efficiently allocate resources, monitor progress, and mitigate risks. You will explore the power of Primavera P6 which will provide you with advanced techniques that will take your project planning and scheduling skills to the next level. Buckle up and get ready to boost your productivity and achieve exceptional results!